Turn the Earth into a Park and Move Polluting Industries to Space


Computing and business can enable new solutions to fight climate change. Our Mission is to use investing and venture building to apply our comparative advantage to solutions that benefit the climate and reinvest the resulting profit in even more climate solutions.

Our success is measured in two numbers the year over year growth in Free Cash Flow at 12% and the Reduction of Global CO2 Emissions. To achieve this goal the two fundamental things we focus on are allocating capital and empowering and incentivizing people to apply creative destruction faster.


O my soul do not aspire for immortal life but exhaust the limits of the possible.



  1. Self-Belief. Without self-belief nothing else matters. The most important aspect to anything is the belief in oneself. Every other principle arises out of that.
  2. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Without the base physiological needs met, we will not be effective in any endeavor. Before we can be effective as leaders we must meet these needs.
  3. Time Management. There is only so much time in the day. You must be more effective with your time and delegate as many things as possible.
  4. Knowledge. The world is constantly evolving, we must take new knowledge and quickly apply it.
  5. Influence and Power. To make things happen in the world, you need to understand how to get other people to do things.
  6. Finance. Understand how capital flows in a capitalist society.


  1. Customer First. All decisions start with the customer in mind. If a business cannot benefit the customer then a business will not succeed.
  2. Hacker. Get things working without worrying about making things pretty or overthinking. Action first.
  3. Long-Term Thinking. Think in terms of decades and build the world that you want to inhabit.
  4. People, Ideas, Technology. In That Order. Always start with people and serving them, from there pick the ideas and technology that lead to the outcome you want.
  5. OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act). Decisions must be made quickly and with the right tempo.
  6. Sheepdog. Help and benefit the world over yourself.


The primary objective of a company is the time from order to collecting cash while removing any non-value adding tasks to deliver the order.

Taiichi Ohno


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