Vertical Market Software Studio

We build Vertical Market Software (VMS) to empower people and organizations to accomplish more with less. Our products and services focus on Cloud, Extensions, and Data across multiple industries to remove human drudgery and improve operational efficiency.

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Vertical Market Software Studio

What is YerraCo?

YerraCo builds Virtual Market Software (VMS) that leverage our expertise in Cloud, Extensions, and Data. Our focus is on operational efficiency, cost management, scalability, and volume through distribution. We innovate by using technology and expanding to new markets based on our capabilities. Our businesses share a common sales and marketing system but operate separately with a focus on Free Cash Flow and Return on Invested Capital. We build hyper-focused businesses addressing targeted needs of small markets which don't have a large Total Addressable Market. The way to describe us is that we are barnacles on a whale.

What are our Principles?


  1. Humility. Be humble and show respect to others including yourself, our team, our partners, and our customers. Show respect for your own level of knowledge, if someone else can teach you something, learn from them. Work with others in a non-zero-sum way seeking to grow the pool for everyone as opposed to maximizing it for yourself.
  2. Ownership. No one is accountable for the actions you take but yourself. You are responsible for both the good and the bad. It is easy to take praise but harder to take the blame. Finger-pointing doesn't solve problems. If shit hits the fan, pick up a mop.
  3. Maslow. To be our best selves, we need to fulfill our Maslow's hierarchy of needs. We need to be mindful of developing every part of ourselves.
  4. Lever. Every single person has 24 hours in a day. Learn to manage it and lever it with technology. Technology and automation are your friends, allowing us to achieve more with less time.
  5. Perceive. To perceive where the world is going is to take part in it by synthesizing knowledge, getting deep by challenging our thinking, applying it, and sharing our learning. To do this well, we dive deep into problems to internalize knowledge so we can act by being less wrong.


  1. Customer First. A business exists to create the best value for the customer from their next alternate. So we start with the customer and work backwards. Understand the customer's pain and figure out how we can use our capabilities to provide them value. By providing value to the customer we will then be able to create additional capabilities.
  2. Hacker. Use fewer resources to accomplish more. Plenty creates lethargy. Lethargy leads to destruction from competitive forces. Using fewer resources forces survival and generates the scar tissue needed to weather external pain.
  3. Trial and Error. Create continuous improvement through high-tempo experimentation. If trail and error works for mother nature it will work for us. Failure is a means to learn, not something to be punished. Fail fast with small bets and learn from those failures to improve the odds of the big bets.
  4. Think Long-Term. Build a long-term vision and work backward to achieve it. Don't get distracted by short-termism and whims of market forces. Build methodical structures that can evolve to the long-term vision.
  5. People, Ideas, Technology. In That Order. People are the foundation of everything we do. Work is a means to enable others. A garbageman picking up trash enables an artist to create a masterpieces. A farmer growing food enables a chef to create a meal. The Ideas that enable us to build Technology exist to enable people to do more.
  6. Flow. Communication is a bug, not a feature. If a lot of communication is needed to achieve an outcome, flow is not achieved. Flow is achieved when everyone performs their role well, passing the baton to the next person. When each person performs their task well and the next person does not have to redo work we increase quality. By achieving quality we can reduce costs and drive more value to enable our customers and society. The ability to achieve flow then, is to build small tight-knit teams that work well together.

What is the Growth model?

  • Team. We develop our team around our core principles. We believe in giving our team autonomy to work and use their ingenuity and knowledge. Our only constraint is they do so without breaking our principles. By being principles-driven instead of process-driven, we can adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Insights. We continuously monitor and build mental models of the world and the markets to see how we can fulfill new needs. We take market intelligence and work backward from the customer’s needs to make small bets. These small bets allow us to build things to test the water without breaking the bank, uncovering where to invest more Capital. Once we validate our bet we expand with focus and force. We enter new markets based on our capabilities. If we do DevOps for startups, we do it as a separate brand for healthcare. This incrementalism allows us to enter new markets without starting from scratch. As we learn more about the market, we expand our capabilities allowing us to repeat the cycle.
  • Capital. We reinvest 90% of our free cash flow, looking to reach a hurdle rate of 20% Return on Invested Capital annually on our investments. Our disciplined capital allocation criteria includes investing based on Hamilton Helmer's 7 Powers.
  • Cloud. We use Cloud technologies to achieve operational excellence by reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency. Using technology, implementing it repeatably, and consistently reduces the cost of delivery increasing customer value.
  • Distribution. We build win-win partnerships and use third-party platforms. These relationships allow us to expand our reach and increase our market presence for our brands. We use technology to achieve distribution across channels allowing our customers to procure our products how they want.
  • Society. We exists to advance humanity. Our societal goals are 1. to modernize, automate, and improve American infrastructure, 2. accelerate the transition to green energy, and 3. reduce world hunger.

What is our Investment Strategy?

The Ukraine war (2022) started a domino effect that will cause rapid deglobalization. Manufacturing will move to Mexico, European manufacturing will be dead, food shortages will be rampant, China will breakdown, and energy costs will be high. All while we deal with climate change. We allocate excess Capital within this chaos towards North American reindustrialization. The investments we make focus on four metrics:

  • Made, Refined, and Extracted in North America
  • Free Cash Flow
  • Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)
  • Low Debt to Equity