Press Release

Every company should start as a press release. A press release is a mission statement written from a customer standpoint. It forces the problem to be explained and addresses the goal of the mission from the point of view of the Customer First. We use this to then solve the rest of the problems of delivering to the customer, but a press release defines the first step of why the customer needs this and why we are doing the product or service.

The template for a press release looks like the following:

[Product and who the customer is]
[City, State]–[Intended Launch Date] ****– [Intro paragraph]
[Quote by leader in your company]
[How the product/service works]
[Quote by a customer of the product/service]
To learn more, go to [URL].

It should be clear and solve a singular problem well. It shouldn’t be divergent ideas, and if they are they should be separate ideas. The goal is to clarify what we are building.