Riches in Niches

Jul 25, 2023

Results are gained by exploiting opportunities, not by solving problems. - Peter Drucker

We have been approaching marketing, sales, and product disjointedly. One of us is doing product and services and one of us is doing sales and marketing. We are not working as a unit to attack a common goal. Our core solutions are Cybersecurity, DevOps, DataOps, FinOps, IT Modernization & Management, and Workflows & AI. While having these as our solutions is great we do not have a clear attack strategy. We are disjointed in terms of how we are attacking the market as we are taking a shotgun approach.

While we have built products to support our solutions they are not advertised or promoted even though they are open source, solve problems cheaply, or could be great mechanisms for getting inbound leads. This seems to be a huge waste as we have a lot of resources that could benefit from wider exposure. We need to change this so that the entire company can work as a unit, even those providing services to help generate additional sales. What we should do is a comprehensive deployment of marketing and sales that involves distribution along with the product or capability we are gathering.

Since our solutions are applicable to such a broad market we need to subdivide the market into the smallest niches, the leafs of the tree, and build products or launch capabilities speaking to to those specific markets. Once released we should coordinate content, ads, social media, email, and distribution on third party channels all at once as to get a big targetted attack as opposed to doing a cluster bomb approach. Targetted attacks also have a higher ROI as opposed to a cluster bomb approach.

The steps for this should be the following:

  1. Figure out a tiny subniche in the larger industries we are targeting. Say we talk specifically to the Secretary of Labor and their underlings in states with less than 5 million people.
  2. Collect the data of the people we want to reach.
  3. Build a niche product including calculator, API, datasets, etc. that would help them day to day. Some of the things we build we will collect payments for and others we will give away to collect leads to follow up.
  4. Build a marketing site on that talks to the needs of that group.
  5. Setup ads focused on outreach to that group with Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and possibly Twitter and Reddit Ads.
  6. Setup AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace offerings of the same product to get larger distribution and inbounds.
  7. Setup a sales email outreach for that group.
  8. Update the core proposals, contracts, legal that we send when we are closing the contracts.
  9. Collect and close the sales.