Jan. 15, 2023, 10:37 p.m.

We have a six week cadence where we spend four weeks of intense work, and two weeks of course correction and planning. Every December we take time to reflect and relax and make detailed plans for execution.

  1. Four Week (Action): This is focused on iterating and getting through the tasks that we have as fast as possible. We are looking to build and release things as much as possible, and as we release update our sales and marketing as well.
  2. Two Week (Plan): We spend two weeks planning what we need to get done for the next action cycle. We also use this period to fix bugs and clean up and fix any issues that we have.

The goal of the iteration cycle is to have a high and low period where we can optimize and organize our energy and ensure we are prioritizing things. By setting up things into iterations we can focus on the most important tasks and delay things we want to work on so we can focus our energy to work on the right things.

Planning Notes

  • Focus on inputs not outputs. We can't control how many customers will join us but we can control how many products we release and out reaches we do. So instead of saying 5 new customers instead say outreach to 100 companies. We can control the inputs, not the output.