Influence and Power

The other sections of Business and Government are the areas that one can provide Influence and Power.

  • Did you give people a Why instead of just the What?
  • Have you asked people to commit to the smallest things? i.e next meeting, next step, next small project.
  • Are you treating other people with empathy? Remember:
  • The other person is human.
  • They have their own fears, insecurities, love of different things from you and aspirations.
  • They may also think differently from you. Visually, Verbally, Written. Figure out how you can better
  • Delegate your team’s success, assume your team’s failure. (The buck stops with you.)


Are you thinking in terms of the buyer?

  • What is the problem they are having?
  • How can we make their life easier?
  • What would make them love us?
  • How can we surprise them?