Don’t Break the Build

A company is a machine. Every person does a task and does it to the best of their ability. However, a machine needs to have its own CI/CD infrastructure. It needs to be constantly improved without breaking how things are accomplished. A company in essence should have smooth execution and should not have pieces that are falling through the cracks.

Lastly, improvements need to arise from bottom up not top down. While the owner can design the initial company, the actual act of improvements and removing of waste goes to the people at the bottom.

Operational Excellence

One of the primary objectives on Operationalization is to have Operational Excellence. We need to do the fewest things that generate value and in return cash. While it may be tempting to keep adding new shiny things the problem is that without having a clear operations setup it will be next to impossible to grow the business. So the primary focus on a company is to do the fewest things that it can do well. Once it has fulfilled certain actions in a cash flow positive way it can then add additional capabilities.

Reduce the Threshold of Bugs

In the process of doing things we may reach a point where bugs are lower but absolutely lower. Speed of delivery and collecting cash faster matters and that comes down to optimizing how fast the task is done. So anything that reduces the delivery speed is a big and must be improved.