Jan-Mar: Taxes
Oct-Dec: Planning


#1 Build & CloseClose Sales
Customer Tasks
Product Development
#2 LaunchClose Sales
Customer Tasks
Marketing Content
Release Event (Lightening Strike)
Create Eng Release, Merge Code
#3 PlanReview Sales Collatoral
Sales Plan
Finance Review
Services: Create Upgrade Tasks for Customers, Understand New Features, Update Docs, Training
Product Planning
Bug Fixes

While it may be tempting to use this model for everything it may be better to think of quarterly plans on a company basis. Is the company going through a continuous improvement phase or is it going through a creative destruction phase.

A company in a continuous improvement phase has a set of small things it needs to accomplish until it can be considered feature complete and all it needs are maintenance and management. No major new features will be added. So it doesn’t need a PR.FAQ for any new changes. It will largely be small changes.

A company in a creative destruction phase will needs to create a PR.FAQ that sets a new mission. It will be as if during the PR a whole new company is being born out of the existing company. So a quarterly plan can have a sub PR.FAQ that is executed to modify the company’s new mission.