Advocacy Engine

The Advocacy Engine attempts to methodologically change the behavior of people through a multifaceted approach. This approach creates a feedback loop where each piece leads to the next in the chain being affected. The chain looks something akin to the following.

  • Youth Groups (K-12)
  • University Research Groups
  • College Groups
  • Think Tanks
  • Grass Roots / Social Media
  • Media
  • Politicians
    • Counties
    • State Senates
    • Governors
    • House
    • Senate
    • President

By going through and manipulating each part you can over years setup your viewpoint being the predominant viewpoint.

Youth Groups. While this many not be the place to start this is a good place to introduce young minds to the ideas that are available.

University Research Groups. Research groups create the ideas that teach future leaders at colleges. New ideas on how to apply the ideology research are created.

College Groups. College Clubs are a way to distribute the ideas that the research groups work on. Get those in those groups to work on those ideas.

Think Tanks. Take the work that university research groups work on and convert that into policy.

Use the media to propose the policy ideas that the think tanks have generated.

Use Grass Roots / Social Media to promote the ideas from the media. Since it is in a reputable media it is easier to sell and advocate. Have the grass roots push for politicians who hold the idea to advocate

Get existing politicians to promote the idea or get new politicians elected who have your idea.